Commonwealth Collisions LLC.
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4500 Phillips Highway Jacksonville, FL 32207

Our History

After working for a number of truck body and repair shops for nearly three decades, I learned not only the trade but how customer care should be provided. From my previous experiences, it seemed that the organizations for which I worked focused generally just on profit and more profit.  Money was priority number one! Sadly, they never really understood that if the customer is your number one priority, all other things being equal, profitability will follow. I could easily pretend that this venture was all me, but that was not the case. For many years, I worked with a group of highly skilled technicians who really knew how to repair just about any imaginably damaged truck.  As for me, I don't think I really knew what an entrepreneur was until I became one. This dream of mine/ours started in my driveway where we began repairing damaged trucks. I was told at the beginning we couldn't make this type of business work unless we had at least a $million in capital with which to start.  Not only did I not have a $million, I was essentially broke, but my friends and people who placed confidence and trust in me pitched in to help put flesh on the bones of this aspiration. Our customer(s) followed us from the driveway to a rented building where we set up shop for the next six months. We grew so rapidly during this time that we had to move again to a different location.  Ironically, our new location was the place where we all had previously worked together.  We are a team with a dream that has come to fruition. After four years of hard work and a lot of help from friends, family, and professionals, we can without equivocation say, though we have a lot more to accomplish, Commonwealth Collisions, LLC is here to stay. The name says it all--commonwealth, which means . . . any group of people united by some common bond. In our case, that commonality is high-quality craftsmanship combined with superior and unmatched customer care.  Take care of the customer, and the customer will take care of you.

~David Stevens, President/CEO

4500 Phillips Highway, Jacksonville, FL 32207